Components included:
- 24 fruit cards (12 pairs)
- 8 trash food cards
- 1 booklet
- instructions
Each pair of fruit cards has a different value depending on the fruit. Each confectionery card is -2 points. When playing if you flip a card over and it's a trash food card you have to keep it yourself face up. When flipping over a pair of matching fruit cards these will be kept face down.
There is a special trash food card that will leave you without a turn in the next round.
End of game: if a player has 4 trash food cards or when there are no cards left on the table.
If the player that has 4 trash food cards has no fruits it can choose a player and bad influencing it by giving it a trash food card that will count as -4 points.
Then all cards can be flipped over and the points of each player will be counted to know the winner.
There is the studious gameplay in which when a player discovers a fruit pair, in order to keep it, it will have to correctly answer a question about that fruit that another player asks it by consulting the booklet. If it answers wrong the fruit cards will be flipped down again.
Possibility of playing with Eat your veggies! To expand difficulty or number of players. (In this case the design of the back of the cards will be changed.)
Adding the booklet to the game makes entertaining and engaging the process of learning about eating healthy for the little ones and can be handy on a daily basis. ​​​​​​​
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